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Download Sites update: In the last few weeks, service at Hotfiles has been much improved, while Download.com's service has been much worse! My mini-reviews have been changed to reflect this.

Version 2.0 of X.App released!
After the initial April 4th release of X.App 1.0, I have made a few important revisions, and have released the next full version of X.App. If you downloaded X.App from a site that labeled it "v1.0" on or after April 8, you probably still have version 2.0 (I replaced the download file with the new version). Check the readme to be sure.

The key new feature of version 2.0 is the ability of the executable forms to dynamically update the xapp.html file each time that they are loaded. If you have revised your AcitveX control, or installed your application on another machine, the CLSID will be different from the one that was originally derived. The new version ensures that your applications will run correctly no matter what happens to the CLSID. Click here to download X.App v2.0!

Turn your ActiveX controls into apps for free with X.App!
X.App is a free, lightweight utility that will create an executable file for your ActiveX controls. It does this by writing an HTML file that embeds the desired control, then creating a custom executable form that opens up this HTML document in a browser control. It's all very seamless, and looks no different from a typical application.

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  • Simple, 1-form interface lets you create an application in only a few minutes

  • Ability to completely customize the executable form: choose its size, location on the screen, caption, icon, and more! Or make it invisible, and let the control load up its own forms!

  • User-definable names for the executable form and batch file

X.App works well combined with Visual Basic Control Creation Edition

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I hope to turn this site into a resource for free progamming compilers, interpeters, utilities, etc. Check back regularly to see what's new!

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